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Heat pump maintenance checklist

Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist To keep your heat pumps in optimal condition year round, regular heat pump maintenance is essential. Not only can preventative maintenance catch minor issues before the turn into major repairs, these tasks can also reduce your energy consumption so you can save on your month to month energy costs. If you […]

Thermostat Fan On Or Auto In Winter

Thermostats, which control how your heating system operates, have two primary fan settings: “Auto” and “On.” When the fan is set to “On,” it works continuously, circulating air in the space regardless of whether the heater is on or not. The continuous flow of air throughout a house ensures a uniform exchange of heat, which […]

How To Choose An HVAC Company

How To Choose An HVAC Company Keeping your residence pleasant requires a dependable and effective HVAC system. And it goes without saying that selecting a good HVAC company is absolutely essential, whether you need a new HVAC system, scheduled upkeep, or a fast repair. So, how can you pick an HVAC company for your next […]

How to tell if my furnace is gas or electric?

How to Tell if my Furnace is Gas or Electric? Have you ever wondered whether your furnace runs on gas or electricity? It’s a crucial distinction, as it affects both your heating system’s efficiency and the safety measures you need to take. Your furnace is an unsung hero in your home during those cold winter […]

Are furnace protection plans worth it?

Are furnace protection plans worth it?  There’s no denying that your home’s furnace is absolutely essential during the wintertime, which is why ensuring it operates efficiently is paramount. If you’re a homeowner, you know that furnace maintenance is the only way you can guarantee that your heating system remains reliable through the winter, which raises […]

How long should fan run after furnace shuts off?

How long should the furnace fan run after the furnace shuts off? Have you ever wondered how long your furnace fan should keep running after the furnace has been turned off? It’s a question that can affect the comfort of your home, its energy efficiency, and even the lifespan of your HVAC system. Below, the […]

Heat Pump vs Gas Furnace in Ontario

Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace in Ontario When faced with the choice of heating your home using either a heat pump or a gas furnace, the decision-making process typically revolves around three key aspects: efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance demands. As the homeowner, it is critical to assess your heating requirements and financial considerations, as well […]

How long do heat pumps last

How long do heat pumps last Today, we’ll look into a frequently asked question among homeowners: “How long do heat pumps last?” We recognize the value of knowing the service life of your heat pump as your trusted HVAC experts. Join us as we explore the factors which impact its longevity, maintenance tips to extend […]