Gas Fireplace Safety for Children & Pets

As the temperature continues to drop, you and your family will be spending more time cozying around your gas fireplace.

And while it’s a great way to add ambiance and warmth, a gas fireplace can also be dangerous to eager children or excitable pets.

In fact, government regulations came into effect to address this very issue:

  • Starting on January 1, 2015, all new gas fireplaces, and fireplace heaters that vent to the outside will come with a protective barrier. This barrier will be there to prevent your child and others from coming into direct contact with the glass front of the fireplace (Source: OnSafety).

Even with the addition of fireplace screens, there are other things you can do to ensure everyone – whether they have two legs or four – can safely enjoy your gas fireplace.

Always supervise children and pets

Whenever the gas fireplace is turned on, you should also be in the room.

Children are naturally curious. If they get too close to the glass doors of the fireplace they can severely burn themselves in an instant.

Meanwhile, many dogs and cats love to get close to the warmth of a fire. If they venture too close, they can singe their fur or perhaps knock something (such as fireplace tools) into the firebox.

Your best bet is to keep a close eye on children and pets when they’re in the same room as a gas fireplace.

Teach and train

As soon as your children are old enough to understand, explain to them the dangers of a gas fireplace and provide easy-to-follow safety tips:

  • Establish a “no go” line or boundary which children should not cross.
  • Explain to your children how a gas fireplace works and answer any questions they have.
  • Teach your children to keep toys, books, and other belongings away from the fireplace and off the floor (to reduce tripping hazards around the gas fireplace).

Regarding your pets, you’ll want to train them to stay away from the gas fireplace.

As soon as your dog or cat gets too close, move them away and correct them. Eventually, they’ll figure out that they should stay away.

Other things you can do to train your pets include:

  • Move pet beds away from the fireplace.
  • Clicker training for when they get too close.
  • Keep fireplace tools out of reach.
  • Place pet toys and blankets away from the fireplace. When your pet lies on the blanket or plays with toys a safe distance from the fireplace reward them with a yummy treat.

Play somewhere else

The family room tends to be the central hub of the house. It’s where everyone in the family gathers to hang out and be together.

However, if your children or pets tend to play roughly in there, you’ll want to move them somewhere else when the gas fireplace is turned on.

When your children or pets are focused on play, they won’t be thinking about safety.

Set up a play area away from the fireplace room. Take time to play with your children or pets in this new area each night.

This will allow them to still be active while keeping your fireplace room calm and relaxing.

Get your gas fireplace ready for winter

Keeping your gas fireplace safe is just as important as keeping your family safe.

Gas fireplace maintenance keeps everything in proper working condition. You won’t have to worry about things like:

  • Cracked or damaged gas logs.
  • Pilot light safety.
  • Gas leaks or carbon monoxide build-up.
  • Clogged vents and blowers.

With the proper gas fireplace maintenance, you can focus on keeping your family safe rather than worrying about your fireplace.

And as a bonus, regular maintenance helps prevent costly fireplace repairs down the line.

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