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Keep your home and family comfortable all year round with professional HVAC services in Talbotville performed by H&K Heating and Air Conditioning. With over 40 years of experience, our team consists of leading HVAC technicians who have the knowledge and skills to provide homeowners with high-quality solutions and excellent customer service. When partnering with our team, homeowners in Talbotville, Ontario, can rest assured knowing their home is in good hands. 

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An HVAC system is any system that provides heating, ventilation, or air conditioning throughout your home. These systems are meant to allow homeowners to create a comfortable temperature in each room throughout the year, regardless of what day of the year it is. In addition, HVAC units are also responsible for ventilating the air in your home through air ducts. This ensures that the air quality of your home is clean and not filled with dust, hair, debris, and other airborne impurities that may lead to allergies and other respiratory illnesses. 

An HVAC system consists of many separate parts that work together to provide you with a comfortable living space. An HVAC unit could provide your home with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. However, the selection of HVAC units you have in your home will differ. In addition, while all home HVAC units are different, they typically consist of the following products: 

  • Furnace 
  • Heat pump
  • Boiler 
  • Air conditioner 
  • UV air purifier 
  • Humidifier 
  • Air ducts 
  • Thermostat 

Do you need a new HVAC unit in your home? M&K Heating and Air Conditioning are happy to offer homeowners in Talbotville, Ontario 0% interest and no payments on all HVAC installations. Call and book a free consultation with us today!

It depends on the unit! Many HVAC units use gas, oil, or electricity to heat, cool, and ventilate the air in your home. If your home has a natural gas line installed, chances are the components of your HVAC system are also powered by gas. However, this will vary between households. One way to check if your HVAC unit, such as your furnace, is powered by gas or electricity is to check the burner. If your HVAC systems burner has a flame, then it means it is powered by gas. On the other hand, if there is no flame, you likely have an electric unit.

An HVAC unit is a system that provides heating, ventilation, or air conditioning to your home. On the other hand, an air conditioning unit is a component of your home’s overall HVAC system. Your home can either have a ductless or duct air conditioning system. This means that it either provides chilled air to your entire home at once or localized air with different units installed in each room. 

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