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Furnace repair: get $100 off your repair
Furnace repair: get $100 off your repair

Furnace Repair in London and the Greater Surrounding Area

Furnace Repair Services in London

Keep your family warm and comfortable throughout the year with professional furnace repair services in London, Ontario. With over 40 years of experience, the certified HVAC technicians at M&K Heating and Air Conditioning have the skills and expertise to provide homeowners with high-quality solutions they can rely on. Whether repairs, maintenance, or new installations, homeowners can rest assured knowing we have their best interests in mind.

At M&K Heating and Air Conditioning, we are pleased to offer 24/7/365 service and no extra charge for after-hours, emergencies, weekends, or holidays! We can also provide you with same-day or next-day installations in the event that you have an HVAC problem that needs to be installed as soon as possible! Call us directly or book an appointment with M&K Heating and Air Conditioning online today!

Get 24/7/365 Expert Furnace Repair in London.

M&K Heating and Air Conditioning provides homeowners with reliable, same day repair, round-the-clock residential repair services for central home heating systems across London and the surrounding areas:

  • 24/7/365 residential service for furnace issues such as problems with heat pumps, pilot lights or ignition, clogged filters, lack of airflow, leaky ducts, mould, inaccurate thermostat, and more. Whatever the problem is, we can fix it!
  • Emergency & last-minute home appointments available.
  • Certified experts with four decades of experience and G1, G2, 313A & 313D, 308A, ODP, Wardflex, and Supervisor Training Program & IHSA Health and Safety Education Program for Contractor Safety Essentials.

Furnace Repair London FAQs

A complete inspection and repair of numerous components are frequently part of a furnace repair service to guarantee the heating system operates effectively and safely. Here’s what you can expect: 

  1. Initial evaluation: The technician will begin by going through any problems or faults you’ve observed with your furnace. They might ask about the maintenance and repair history of the equipment.
  2. Inspection of the thermostat: The technician will check and recalibrate the thermostat to make sure it precisely regulates the performance of the furnace and upholds the correct temperature.
  3. Examining the components: The technician will check the blower, motor, heat exchanger, burners, igniter, and other parts of the furnace. They will search for deterioration, damage, or flaws.
  4. Cleaning and lubrication: To minimize friction and improve performance, the technician will, if necessary, clean parts and oil components that move.
  5. Electrical system checks: The functionality of all electrical connections and controls will be checked. Performance might be affected, and safety hazards may be created by loose or damaged connections.
  6. Flue and vent inspection: To guarantee a safe exhaust of combustion gases, the flue and venting system will be inspected for obstructions or damage.
  7. Inspection of the ductwork: The technician may check the ductwork for any leaks, damage, or blockages that can impair flow or heating effectiveness.
  8. Testing and calibration: The technician will conduct tests on the furnace to make sure it operates appropriately after completing any necessary changes or repairs. This entails checking the temperature output, gas circulation, and ignition system.
  9. Recommendations: The technician will send you a report of what they found, along with any repairs or maintenance they feel are required. Before starting, they will go over the pricing and available options.
  10. Maintenance and advice: Technicians may offer advice on how to maintain your furnace to keep it operating well and can also respond to any questions you may have.

Remember, prompt repair of your home’s furnace system can help prevent further damage from happening. Therefore, if you believe something is wrong with your heating system, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at M&K Heating and Air Conditioning and book a furnace repair in London, Ontario!

Our team is available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra cost!

To avoid malfunctions and make sure your heating system operates well, it’s crucial to recognize the warning signs that your furnace might require repairs. Here are some typical indications that your furnace isn’t working as it should be:

  • Reduced heat output: If your furnace is having difficulty heating your home like it once did, there may be a problem with the burner, heat exchanger, or other part.
  • Heating inconsistency: If your home’s heating is unreliable, with some areas feeling significantly colder than others, this may be an indication of ductwork problems, a broken blower, or a blocked air filter.
  • Strange sounds: Unusual noises like banging, popping, rattling, or screeching may be a sign that the blower, motor, or other internal parts are malfunctioning.
  • Increased bills: Unexpectedly high heating costs without a clear cause, such as frigid weather, may be a sign of a malfunctioning furnace.
  • Frequent cycling: Your furnace’s efficiency may suffer if it cycles on and off more often than usual. This can be the consequence of problems with the thermostat, a filter that is blocked, or poor airflow.
  • Issues with the pilot light: If the pilot light constantly goes out or turns yellow instead of blue, there may be a problem with the burner or gas supply.
  • Strange smells: Strange odours like burning, musty, or rotting egg scents might signify a variety of problems, including mildew in the ducts, excessive heat, or a gas leak. For safety, these should be taken care of right away.
  • Weak or no airflow: A broken blower or a clogged air filter may be the cause of weak or nonexistent airflow from your vents.
  • Excessive dust and dirt: A dirty or blocked furnace filter could be the cause of a sudden increase in dust and dirt in the area around your home.
  • Problems with the thermostat: If your thermostat is unresponsive or fails to maintain the appropriate temperature, it may be broken or miscalibrated.
  • Frequent repairs: If your furnace is growing old or you find yourself needing repairs regularly, it can be less costly to think about replacing it instead of spending money on repairs all the time.

Do any of these signs look familiar and live in the London, Ontario community? If so, it’s essential that you reach out to the team at M&K Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a furnace repair appointment with our certified and experienced HVAC technicians.

Our team is available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra cost! Book online or call us directly to reserve your repair appointment today!

There could be a number of causes for your furnace to malfunction, including the following that should be promptly diagnosed and repaired in order to prevent further damage:

  • Thermostat malfunction: Problems with the thermostat could include incorrect thermostat settings, low batteries, or faults that prevent the thermostat from sending out heating orders.
  • Blocked filters: A filter that is clogged or dirty can impede airflow, resulting in decreased efficiency and overheating, which forces the furnace to shut off safely.
  • Ignition problems: Problems with the ignition system or pilot light may prevent the furnace from igniting and generating heat.
  • Issues with the gas supply: Gas supply problems, such as a gas valve shut-off, an issue with the gas Line, or a gas Leak, may stop the furnace from running.
  • Blower motor malfunction: A malfunctioning blower motor might prevent warm air from circulating around your home.
  • Electrical problems: The functioning of the furnace may be hampered by problems with electrical wiring, breakers, or control boards.
  • Blocked flue: A clogged flue or blocked vents can inhibit the normal exhaustion of combustion gases, which can result in safety shutdowns.
  • Limit switch tripped: If the furnace senses overheating, which is frequently caused by insufficient circulation or a filthy air filter, a high-limit switch can turn it off.
  • Dirty burner: Burners that are dirty or blocked can result in insufficient combustion and excessive heat, which can cause the furnace to turn off.
  • Ductwork problems: Leaky or clogged ductwork can restrict circulation and impact how heat is distributed.
  • Flame sensor issues: Problems with the flame sensor could prevent the burner’s flame from being detected, which would cause the furnace to shut off.
  • Wear and tear: Over time, a number of parts, including motors, belts, and bearings, can become worn out and need to be replaced.
  • Age and poor maintenance: Issues are more likely to arise in older furnaces or ones that have a history of poor maintenance.

Is your furnace on the fritz? If so, reach out to the team at M&K Heating and Air Conditioning as soon as possible to schedule a repair appointment with a certified and experienced HVAC technician today! Our team is more than happy to accommodate repair and maintenance services 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no extra cost!

Give us a ring directly or use our online booking to reserve your furnace repair in London, Ontario!

Problems with your furnace can appear minimal at first, but if left too long, it can lead to a myriad of damages that are costly and frustrating to deal with. Here is a closer look at why homeowners should aim to have their home’s furnace repaired as soon as possible:

  • Restoring heat: A furnace’s main purpose in cold weather is to restore heat. Without a working one, you’ll feel uncomfortable and possibly be subjected to below-freezing conditions if your furnace isn’t functioning properly.
  • Energy efficiency: A furnace that has been properly maintained and repaired uses less energy. When parts are malfunctioning, the furnace must work harder to generate the same amount of heat, which results in higher energy usage and more expensive utility bills.
  • Safety: Some furnace problems can put your life in danger. For instance, a broken gas furnace could be leaking deadly carbon monoxide, a gas that has no odour or colour. Swift solutions can take care of dangers that are hazardous and avert future catastrophes that put your health and safety in danger.
  • Extended lifespan: Your furnace’s lifespan can be increased with routine maintenance and prompt repairs. If issues are ignored, they can become more serious and necessitate an expensive replacement.
  • Savings on costs: Minor repairs typically cost less than major replacements. Quick action can stop minor concerns from growing into more significant, expensive ones.
  • Prevention of additional damage: If repairs are neglected, the furnace and nearby components may sustain more severe damage. This may cause a series of issues that are more difficult and expensive to solve.
  • Protection under warranty: If your furnace is covered by a warranty, it may need routine upkeep and rapid repairs to keep the guarantee in effect. Failure to do this could result in the termination of your warranty.
  • Comfort: Consistent warmth from a working furnace increases your comfort in the middle of winter.
  • Health advantages: By reducing excessive cold and related health problems like hypothermia, a properly operating furnace contributes to a healthy home environment and indoor air quality.

As you can see, prompt repairs are absolutely essential in restoring your home’s comfort and ensuring the safety of your family. Therefore, if you think your current furnace isn’t operating as it should be, we encourage you to reach out to the team at M&K Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a repair appointment with a member of our certified and experienced HVAC team.

M&K Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no additional cost! Reach out directly or book your furnace repair in London, Ontario, with us online!

What Sets Us Apart

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – All of our technicians are expertly trained so they can offer you efficient service and repairs you know you can trust. We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied, so we will make sure your repairs are done Just RightTM the first time.
  • Gold Star Ratings – At M&K, we take our work very seriously, and that is reflected in our 5-star Google rating. We want to make sure that your furnace is operating as it should and that any repairs are done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. That’s why make sure that no matter what, there are No HasslesTM when you entrust your furnace repairs to us!
  • Over 4 Decades of Experience – M&K has been servicing the London, St. Thomas, & Mount Brydges areas for over 40 years. We’ve seen it all, and we are confident in our ability to diagnose problems and offer solutions. Our team has been able to learn a lot during this time, which means we can provide service backed by tried and true experience.
  • Customer Service Champions – We know how it feels to invite a stranger into your home, so we make sure to treat you and your home with the courtesy you’d expect from a We Respect YouTM guarantee. We promise to be polite and punctual and clean up after ourselves when we are done working.

Our Guarantees

We have the utmost confidence in our work and our people and want to make sure you do, too. That’s why we offer a 2-year guarantee to repair, replace, or refund. Whatever you need until you’re 100% satisfied.

Why Choose Us?


No Loopholes™

Up to 2 years after the installation date we ensure 100% satisfaction or your money back. No LoopholesTM, no problems.


No Hassles™

If your new furnace breaks down within the first 2 years of installment, we’ll fix it for free within 24 hours or give you $1000 for your troubles. Same Day Repairs, No HassleTM, no headache.


Just Right™

We guarantee that any furnace we install will keep you comfortable. If your system isn’t providing a consistent temperature anywhere within 5 years of the installation date, we’ll fix it up to and including replacing the entire system, totally free. No fluctuations, Just RightTM.


We Respect You™

We pride ourselves on always acting with integrity and promise to treat your home with the utmost care and respect. If we don’t meet your expectations in any way, you’ll receive our Five Year System Check-Up PackageTM totally free of charge. We Respect YouTM and your home.

Guaranteed Comfort

We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied, guaranteed.

Always Ready

We are always available, providing same day repair, 24/7 365 for any HVAC emergency you might have.

Trusted Experience

We have been operating since 1983, which means we have over 40 years of expertise to offer.

Technological Expertise

All of our technicians are Right TimeTM certified and continuously trained to maintain excellence.

Locally Based & Operated

We operate in the London area and have been for over 4 decades, which means we’ve gotten to know our neighbours.

Exceptional Reviews

We maintain a 5-star rating on Google for a reason; we care about our work.

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